Free Online/Downloadable Hebrew Grammar Instruction

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It does not appear that there are very many free Hebrew instructional grammars on the web. (I've paid for my share of Hebrew grammars! I'm just saying, if someone wanted to check it out for free...) The only ones I could find (and these are not necessarily recommendations, but I have *bold-starred ones that look most helpful) are the following.

Online Grammar Courses and Other Modern Resources

Public Domain Texts and BibleWorks7 addon modules

Also note some older Hebrew grammar resources that are in the public domain. Check this Google Book list and this Internet Archive list of grammars with full view and especially:

The BibleWorks7 addon modules are hosted on the BibleWorks blog and were compiled by Pasquale Amicarelli.

If you know of other resources, please let me know.

BTW, for an excellent summary of Hebrew grammars, lexicons, readers, etc. available for purchase, check these references on the Codex blog: "Introductory Hebrew Grammars" and then "Mastering Biblical Hebrew." Also check here.

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