2025 Turkey and Greece Trip
In the Steps of Paul and Revelation: A New Testament Journey

December 31, 2024-January 17, 2025

Hosted by Professors Mark Vitalis Hoffman and Allison deForest

and United Lutheran Seminary

2025 Trip Map


Who is able to come on this trip?

Is this trip all work and no play?

How is this trip different from other Bible lands trips?

What should I do now if I want to reserve my spot on the trip?

Do I need to have my passport information in order to register?

What is the actual price of the trip?

20 participants: $5325

25 participants: $5140

30 participants: $4950

35 participants: $4780

40 participants: $4630

So, invite a friend and lower your cost!

When is final payment due?

Do I have to fly out of / in to Dulles in Washington DC?

What is included and what other costs should I anticipate?

I want to share a room and avoid the single supplement cost, but I don't know anyone. How do I find a roommate?

Is it safe to travel to Turkey and Greece?

Should I get travel insurance?

Good news! As part of a United Lutheran Seminary trip, you are covered by a basic travel insurance policy through World Travel Protection. It covers medical and security issues, BUT it does not cover cancellation refunds or trip interruption expenses. For that you will need to purchase your own. Shop around. AIG Travel Guard is one well known provider, and they offer varying levels of protection. It looks like policies would run somewhere between $250 and $450.

Iím a ULS student. Can I get course credit for this trip?

Yes! It can serve as a 3-credit Bible elective, a Bible at the Crossroads elective, or a general elective.


Whatís the best way to prepare for this trip?

I will be sending out a number of tips, but the best thing you can do is start walking and using the stairs! Most days we will be walking 2-5 miles over sometimes rugged terrain going up and down over the ancient sites.


Other questions? Contact mhoffman @ ULS.edu  (< remove spaces)